Video Recordngs of ANPA 44 2023 Conference, Liverpool

John Torday
Unus Mundus
John Williamson
Space, time, relativity: further thoughts.
Grenville Croll
The Aperiodicity of the Primes III: With a Two Beermat Summary
Barbara Gabrys
Mindfulness from Zen perspective
Albrecht Giese
The Sagnac effect disproves Einstein
John Willliamson
Space, time, relativity
Lou Kauffman
A Construction for Clifford Algebras
ANPA AGM 2023 Thursday 11th of August
AGM and discussion about future of ANPA
ANPA General discussion after AGM Friday 11th of August
AGM and discussion about future of ANPA
Ulrik Vendelbo
Tribute to Mike Manthey
Doug Matzke
The Spacelike and Entanglement Legacy of Mike Manthey
Lou Kauffman
Topology, Algebra and Physics
Nicola Graves Gregory
The Pythagorean mathematics of the Maheśvara and Vedic measure
Dennis Morris
Schrodinger’s Cat is Both Alive and Dead
Roger Anderton
Einstein’s 1905 relativity theory was changed into a different theory
Angel Kim and Louis Kauffman
Conversation, Unity, Time and Imaginary Numbers
Nick Rossiter
A Formal Basis for Metabiology
Peter Rowlands
Inside the Dirac Equation
John Hyatt
The Patient Experience
Ed Billmoria
Transhumanism or Transcendence
Mike Horner
A model of reality based on Energy, Matter, & Information
Peter and Sydney Rowlands
Category theory applied to the Klein-4 parameter group and the universal rewrite system


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