ANPA-33 Unpublished Papers

Below papers received from Arleta, presumably the 2012 conference for ANPA 33. The Rowland and Manthey papers were published in ANPA33. I also indicate if editable i.e Word or LateX  is available. The ✓ mark means confirmed as the intended contribution

Author Source    Title
 R. Amoroso   pdf “Shut The Front Door!”: Obviating the Challenge of Large-Scale Extra Dimensions
 A. Blake  yes pdf Unmarked Consciousness
 A. Deakin   pdf Where Does Schrodinger’s Equation Really Come From?
 A. Deakin   pdf Mathematical Notes- Constraints Theory (Draft 4)
 N. Gregory  yes pdf  Mathematics is an extreme sport – watch out!
 L. Kauffman  yes pdf Knot Logic and Topological Quantum Computing with
Majorana Fermions
 G. Ord   pdf What is wrong with spacetime?
 N. Thomas   pdf Counterspace and Atomic Structure
M Manthey
D Matzke
    TauQuernions (Published in ANPA 34)
 P. Rowlands  yes   Duality, Chirality and Singularity (Published in ANPA 34)