ANPA 42 Conference 12-14th August, 2021

Programme – all times BST summer time
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Thursday 12th

Chair: Mike Horner

  • 4pm Welcome Barbara J Gabrys, conference coordinator
  • 4.15pm James Lindsay A Demonstration of Potential Connection of Electro-Weak Coupling to Unitary Weak-Boson Kinematics
  • 5.15pm Peter Rowlands Grand Unification
  • Break
  • 7.15pm Lou Kaufmann Calculus and Non-Commutative Worlds
  • 8.15pm Divyamaan Sahoo o, oo, ooo, …    Grenville Croll The aperiodicity of the primes

Friday 13th

Chair: Peter Rowland

  • 4pm Samuel Lomonaco Visualizing and working with geometric objects in higher dimension space
  • 5pm Grenville Croll The aperiodicity of the primes Lou Kaufmann Form and distinction
  • Break
  • 7pm Michael Heather & Nick Rossiter Really Really Real Numbers
  • 8pm John Torday Topology, Evolution and Knots


Saturday 14th

Chair: Barbara J Gabrys

  • 4pm Mike McCulloch Quantised Inertia
  • 5pm Nicola Graves-Gregory Pythagorean Epistemology
  • Break
  • 7pm John Williamson Sub Quantum Chemistry
  • 8pm Mike Horner This changes everything: 1900 to 2021 a review of Bohm, Barfield, Bastin
    and Biosemiotics
  • General Discussion and Close







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